The story of Ahmad

Personality, Living at home
1. Who are you? 

 I’m Ahmad from Kobani, Syria.

2. What was your daily routine in your hometown? 

I was petroleum engineer in Syria and I lost my job after I worked in a place which sold and bought electronic devices.

3. When was the first time you started to feel unsafe?

In Kobani when ISIS attacked us and before that in Homs when I was studying.

4. Where have you been throughout your journey? 

I came to Turkey when ISIS attacked Kobani and I stay one year in Turkey after that by boat to Greece after that to Macedonia and Serbia and finally to Austria.

5. How long did it take? 

25 days
6. What was the most challenging part of your trip? 

Traveling in a boat to Greece. It was very dangerous.

Living in Austria, Plans for the future
7. Where do you live right now?

Near to Bregenz

8. What is your daily routine here?

Learning german. Helping new refugees. Meet friends from Austria and Syria.

9. What are your expectations for the future?

I don’t have any idea about the future but I wish it will be better.

10. What do you want to tell the people here? 

I want to say to the people here, we’re not here to ruin your country, we came here because our country got destroyed. We have a very beautiful country and we have a very nice life before the war. I’m Syrian and I will respect your country’s laws and your habits and you people are very kind and I will not forget, and standing by our side and provide all the help. I hope some of the bad of us will not make bad idea about us, in every country there are good and bad

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